© Vanja Vukovic, Untitled #4, from the series The self is a room, 2008

© Vanja Vukovic, Untitled #3, from the series The self is a room, 2008

“The self is a room. It contains the concurrent as well as the non-concurrent, the individual and the social, the orderly, the archived, the unsorted, and the repressed. The only thing it does not contain—and which first strikes the eye—is emptiness.

Never has there been so much individuality, as the preserver of the circumstances may observe. But self-realisation has long ago turned into dictates of “Pursuit of happiness“, under the load of which the individual shatters. The room becomes a monad and life a solitary confinement. Dilapidated, the self sways to therapy. Changes mean more than new tapestry on the wall.

The individual psychological process also reflects itself in social interaction. In the historical room, modern collective ideas have lost their bonding effect and creativity. The individual becomes somewhat petrified. Yearnings and desires for communal safety and caring bring outdated religious avowals to the surface. The enlightenment, which was out to found a rational space together with the world’s disenchantment, turns just into its opposite. The individual is blind in her quest for the comfort of the group. The light of cognition begins to darken.

All is that isn’t? Somewhere doors and views open. The rooms so familiar are under custody; the distance glistens in shades of blue.”

Artist statement

More of Vanja’s work here

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