© Hiroko Inoue, Untitled, from the series Inside-Out, 2005

© Iroko Inoue, Untitled, from the series Inside-Out, 2005

“In her photo series Inside-Out, the Japanese artist Hiroko Inoue explores psychical constellations that go beyond the normative process of socially preformulated reality on account of various life experiences. Windows of patients’ rooms in the psychiatric ward of the Otto Wagner Hospital in Vienna show both the view outward into the open and the interior of a territorially and mentally delimited living environment. The connotation of the open out-of-doors as a space inviting freedom is counteracted by the bars on the window through which the beholder gazes. From a historical perspective, the Otto Wagner Hospital stands for a model institution which housed patients in single rooms in the Jugendstil pavilions, but also for the ‚Orthopedagogic Clinic of the City of Vienna – Am Spiegelgrund‘, where from 1940 to 1945 children with psychological irregularities were murdered. Today several psychiatric wards are operated by the Baumgartner Höhe Social-Medical Center. With regard to care for the mentally ill, Inoue’s work raises the question of appropriate models for housing. While the patients and their family members continue to enjoy the salutogenic benefi ts of the Otto Wagner Hospital’s tranquility and aesthetically sophisticated surroundings, the developments of the last three decades in the fi eld of social psychiatry raise critical questions with regard to the spatial concentration of treatment and care. In addition to the development of community-ortiented and localized inpatient facilities, there have been tendencies to increase the possibilities of ambulatory and semi-inpatient care.”

source: psychic realities

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