a© Víctor Vázquez, Borders, from the series Body to body, 2005-2009

© Víctor Vázquez, Anthropophagy, from the series Body to body, 2005-2009

“Art produced in the Caribbean teems with images alluding to migratory phenomena of diverse nature, as much for its motivations as for the circumstances of the journey. This imaginary utopia associated with geographic displacement as an emblem of the Caribbean (not unique to this area, obviously) is re-elaborated in insular contexts like those of the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba and Puerto Rico, each one with specific characteristics produced as a result of divergent historic conditions and marked by individual political realities.

Un cuerpo a cuerpo (dislocación-encuentro-desplazamiento) [Body to Body (dislocation-meeting-displacement)], one of Victor Vázquez’s most recent projects (produced in Paris), connects with this symbolic métier which deconstructs the escapist narratives that lie behind the emigrating subject’s existence. The metamorphosis of this person’s body, transformed now into an “immigrant,” caused by the adaptation of memory to a landscape of unknown battles, is analyzed by the artist with the detailed perspective of a criminologist, who recognizes behind an elemental human right the suspicious presence of a “crime”.”

excerpt from “Nomad Tales of a Hybrid and Subversive Body”, by Suset Sánchez

More of Víctor’s work can be seen here

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