© Agata Madejska, Litschies, (Lychees), from the series Nocturnes, 2006

© Agata Madejska, Nacken, (neck), from the series Nocturnes, 2006

© Agata Madejska, Vorhang, (curtain), from the series Nocturnes, 2005

“Nocturnes are an expression of my search for certain past picture-styles and remembered images, which have influenced my understanding of an image as such, from my childhood until now. These include picture-styles, which I felt unavoidable in the current experience of taking pictures, and of others, which became clear to me through such a reflection, and which I have re-formed as a result of this. My silent images are an aesthetic conglomerate of the past and the moment: remembrances and wishes, and a try to combine the influence of unconscious memories and daydreams with the longing in the here and now. From the conceived and discovered motives a picture-puzzle slowly emerges and condenses into a remembered mood. A special denotation is attributed to a certain detail by having been taken up. Sometimes it doesn’t let us go and stays as a recollection in our memory preserved. If that certain detail has been captured by a camera, a photograph comes into being. It has been considered as worthy to be noticed and remembered. Now, that detail forms a completely new thought. Through single elements of the remembered and the observed I try to approach the past occurrence itself.”


More of Agata’s work can be seen here

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