© Eleanor Antin, Going home from Roman Allegories, 2004

© Eleanor Antin, “The Artist’s studio”, from the series “The last days of Pompeii”, 2001

(…) “Roland Barthes claimed that it is impossible to see a photograph, since we characteristically look at, and for, what it represents. Photography, almost invisible, is subsumed by its referent—a face, a person, or a place, but also a character, a type, a pretense. In Antin’s tableaux there is a remarkable stillness to the images, as if they embody, even proclaim, a “perfect moment” of representation. In this respect they are monumental and descriptive,
precious and ephemeral, traits they share with both portraiture and pornography. At the same time they are also excessive, another attribute of the allegorical, not only in their ornamentality, but in their figural range as well. But perhaps their most surprising effect is that they bring about an unexpected reflection on the photographic itself.” (…)

More of Eleanor’s work here

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