© Zeinab Salarvand, Untitled, from the series Interior, Exteriorer, 2007

© Zeinab Salarvand, Untitled, from the series Interior, Exteriorer, 2007

“Standing on pedestrian bridges, observing people in their fast moving shiny wheel-boxes, fantasizing about each and every story of theirs or sitting on the top of a hill looking down on the City, staring at the numerous lights and neon, watching the people and their lifestyles… is my hobby for years.
Now, I’m above all of those straight and curvy lines, small boxes and buildings which I myself surely passed by once. Among them, there is a place in which someone I know spends most of his time …
Each little box is a reminder to the so many people who are now living in, one with his colorful bedcovers, the other with so many books, one with her toys, over there another with his asthma spray beside….
There is a saying that the very root of photography is surveying, observing life on behalf God’s eyes; a look from above; a basic view. Alike maps, the ancestors of pictures, I followed beds and bedcovers from the same angle. Decently, the successor of God’s eye went into people’s private sanctum…
In many traditions and cultures, Human-beings are considered as a portion of a “Whole” namely the universe; a small model of creation. To me, those small boxes environing the life and spirit of each citizen; trigger the same concept, textures which complete the “Whole”…
I intended to become a documentary photographer and capture people, urban life and streets in frames.., but the City and the grotesque look of its people scared me to be so… hence no way left to relate and capture but observing it from above, with a fair distance… and then gradually moving towards the most private and intimate perimeters of those only, whom I could get close safely. The ones I know or love.
My passion to the City grows on these rather than roaming through its streets and places…
This collection covers documentary shots of my City, the people of Tehran in 2007.”

Zeinab Salarvand

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