© Katie Koti, Tangle, from the series Asunder, 2008-current

© Katie Koti, Fall, from the series Asunder, 2008-current

“The images in my current project, “asunder”, reflect my continuing exploration of gender and its relationship to sexuality through the means of photography. The landscape works on various levels in my images. I use the landscape to seduce and engage the viewer with its beauty and textures. The landscape also acts as both an ambiguous form as well as a means to speak a shared and tangible language. The viewer can recognize the landscape as part of our world, it is ordinary and evokes a sense of comfort. The universal voice of the landscape creates a common thread for viewers to access ideas of gender and sexuality that may otherwise be foreign to them. I build symbolic connections, through metaphor, between the human body and the natural forms of the land. These connections allow the viewer to break away from a more literal, confined context, and in turn enables them to identify with the familiarity of the landscape. Aspects of the figures identity are revealed when they have partial or no clothing on. Our society has attempted to rigidly define gender and sexuality into a binary divide. There is often a sense of disconnect that one can experience as a result of not fitting into these boxes. I hope to challenge these dichotomous roles as well as expose the struggle an individual can go through inside of their skin. A struggle that is not only psychological, but also social and physical. I am particularly fascinated by the intersection of pain, clarity, and spirituality, that can come from this struggle. “

More of Katie’s work here

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