║ Erik Osberg ║

© Erik Osberg, Erik and Carl, 1988, from the series Layla, Ryan, Erik, and Carl, 2007

© Erik Osberg, from the series Layla, Ryan, Erik, and Carl

“I think photography and writing are very similar, in so far as their various forms and traditions are simultaneously concrete and elastic. There are people who make genre-based work: romance, sci-fi, biography, portrait, landscape, journalism, etc. And there is an audience of people who expect these genres, as well (imagine yourself working in a used bookstore being barked at about the whereabouts of How the Scots Invented the Modern World, or going to your parent’s friends house who have a framed poster of the Avedon picture of the woman and the elephants). But there are also people who have ideas and proceed to work them out using one of the numerous known forms available, or an amalgam of various forms. All this to say that contemporary cultural production may be presented in a relatively unlikely package, which is probably pretty obvious. I have ideas that I want to make public and I work them out most commonly with pictures.”

More of Erik’s work can be seen here

One thought on “║ Erik Osberg ║

  1. Sofia, é sempre muito bom descobrir , novas abordagens e fotografos , no teu blog. Espreitei tb o teu myspace e gostei muito de ver o teu trabalho recente. Espero que estejas bem! bj Ana Franco

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