© Steve Aishman, Untitled, from the series Death & Candy

© Steve Aishman, Untitled, from the series Death & Candy

“No one ever really gets over learning about death. Steve Aishman’s latest body of work, “Death and Candy”, explores the associations we all have with death. Like remembering the sweet taste of the bubble gum that was in your mouth the first time you saw a deer on the side of the road. Most people in contemporary urban cities feel removed from death, but everyone has a specific and personal relationship to death, even if we don’t face it every day. We all remember facing frog dissection in high school biology, but to some it was a game while to others, it was a ritual of death. And everyone has their own personal hierarchy of death. We mourn the death of certain animals like dogs and cats that are held high on the hierarchy of life, but not other, lower animals. Aishman’s latest work is placed at the edge of these associations, allowing the viewer to bring their own fear and hesitation to images.”

More of Steve’s work here

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