© Pablo Soria, Los Frutos Sin Cesar, from the series The Yearning

© Pablo Soria, La reconstruccion, from the series The Yearning

“If by accident, illness or the simple aggression of time, we were totally deprived of memories, the beings bearing the depleted minds that would result could hardly be us. In fact, these memory-less beings would probably not be regarded as persons at all. Such beings with no remembrance of things past would more properly be regarded as automatons. Memory is essential to our lives as persons. Afterall, memories are the repositories of our knowledge of the world, the sparks of our emotions, the cement of our humanity. Moreover, as humans we share a strong intuition that one cannot face the present nor the future devoid of memories because such deficit terminally compromises our “selves.”
However cryptic Soria’s formula for forgetting may have been, his formula for remembering was quite specific. He started with the common notion that family photos -even if not produced by him- connect him to specific moments of his own life. Only later, a notion of memory as a blend of yearning and desire emerged from his work. As he began producing photographs himself and these photographs, rather than collages, turned into the end-products of his artwork, the connections to the past became more fetishistic.”

excerpt of an essay by Fernando Castro-Ramírez

More of Pablo’s work can be seen here

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