© Aglaé Bory, Untitled, from the series Corrélations, 2006-09

© Aglaé Bory, Untitled, from the series Corrélations, 2006-09

«Corrélations is a series of photographs which portray the daily life of a woman living alone with her child throughout several years during different seasons. Each picture depicts a moment, an interaction, between the little girl and her mother. As they are self-portraits, there is no spontaneity in the photographs, they are all set up and very organized. The shutter release is held in my hand, visible to the spectator in order to indicate the shooting moment, The decisive moment. Even if the photographs seem very silent, they reveal the bond that exists between a mother and her child. The beautiful enigma of the immutable bond. They also reveal the hard task of being alone with a child, the elsewhere, the outside, the World and the invisible solitude that we barely mention. Love. I wanted to show all those little intimate and harmless things that we are repeating everyday and which we like to call life… I felt the need to photograph them in order to be displayed, to be seen and to be looked upon as an attempt to file time. The time of this woman with her child. Women’s time… »

Aglaé’s work can be seen here

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