© Clémence Veilhan, Julie, from the series Je n’ai jamais été une petite fille

© Clémence Veilhan, Laura, from the series Je n’ai jamais été une petite fille


«I do not have photos, stuffed animals, or notebooks of poetry from my childhood.The only thing I have left is one of dresses. This dress is the most beautiful of that period, the one I wore to birthday parties, piano concerts. A princess or model child dress, each little girl at some point had one, or dreamt of having one.  Years later, in Paris, I get ready to go out and for the first time since I was ten, I decide to wear it. It is big enough to slip into, too tight to take off, I find myself stuck inside it.Like Alice in Wonderland, I became little again.

Lolitas? Women Child ? Eternal little girls? Will we always replay the same story?

Inversion, confusion, perturbation, how to deal with these uncertainties? Are these equivoqual travesties the only perspective for women today? I wanted to see how other girls would feel inside my dress, what it would reveal.

I invented a game with one rule: You want to play little girl

You will come to my place
Try a child’s dress on
You will face yourself in a mirror,
And you will pose in front of a white background.
You will look at the camera lens,
You will try to remember the way you were as a little girl,
And you will stand still,
While the picture is taken.
Later I will show you the contact sheet,
and I will give you one of the pictures .»

More of Clémence’s work here

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