© Peter Finnemore, Miffin in the wallpaper, from the series Dark Light (Gwendraeth House), 2010

© Peter Finnemore, Night Veil, from the series Dark Light (Gwendraeth House), 2010

“Houses are commodities, homes are souls. Began in 2003, this substantive, distinct and current chapter of the Gwendraeth House project comes under the title of Dark Light. Here, through photography I divine the house’s interior. Its habitual space becomes a compact manifold; it is without boundary. This stone house is a breathing entity; light, air, décor and companionship nourishes’ its well-being. It is a stationary stone ship, an enclosed deep time capsule; occupying both physical and unconscious dimensions. These latest photographs become a collaboration with this habitual entity, allowing it to guide the manifestation of images. Gwendraeth House as a spatial dwelling becomes an instrument of measurement, a stone, bricks and mortar astrolabe to chart the universal interior.”

The work of Peter Finnemore can be seen here

2 replies on “┐ Peter Finnemore └

  1. it always amazes me that more people do not comment on these extraordinary photographs and photographers you feature here. every time i visit here, i learn something new and see the world a bit differently, newly inspired.

    1. i guess it is just the way this blog works. I speak thru imagery i decide to share and trust they are speaking to ohters as well. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and hope inspiration (both of ours) never runs out

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