© Laurence Demaison, Bobine n°1, from the series Bobines, 2007

© Laurence Demaison, Photographie n°15, 2005

“The photographic work of Laurence Demaison is exclusively made of self-portraits. Since 1994, she has made of her body and her face the subjects and the objects of the photographic exploration to which she is dedicated with obstinacy. Through the various series, she tries out the means which photography offers to dissimulate, to transform, to deteriorate her own image. There is in her work, a sensitive and singular course, almost obsessional. And her steps are perhaps a lucid and reflected search for identity whose complexity is only a sequence of questions which Laurence Demaison is asking herself. She maintains an attraction-repulsion to her own body which generates a strange fascination in the spectator.”

Robert Delpire, source: Galerie Esther Woerdehoff

More of Laurence’s work here

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