© Chih-Chien Wang, Banana skin on chair, from the Jelly Project #2, 2009

© Chih-Chien Wang, Feet with dry leaves, from the series The centre of the forest is a lake like mirror, 2005

© Chih-Chien Wang, Crabs, from the series The centre of the forest is a lake like mirror, 2005

“In his photographs, we have the impression of seeing time frozen in a process of research, of assemblages and minute maneuverings. The goal of which is, according to the artist, to ‘rediscover’ what is around him. To do this, Wang produces modest and efficient compositions that demonstrate an intense sensitivity to the shapes of things that travel through the domestic universe. With finesse and elegance, he translates the transience of the material world as it manifests itself in a crumpled piece of wrapping paper, food scraps on a table, an old rag. Wang develops a malleable vocabulary in his photographs – with a simplicity that reinforces the structure of that which rests on the contrasts of colours, the effects of textures, and the outlines of objects with undefined backgrounds. Wang searches for the essence of his compositions with a scarcity of means and without either artifice or ostentation; and his games and masquerades resituate something of himself.”

François Dion, excerpt from “Combinations”, Spirale #215, July 2007,

A must see!!!

More of his work here

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