© Sheffy Bleier, Organs,, from the series Organ Gardens, 2007

© Sheffy Bleier, Internal Landscape in the Pink Outside, 2009

“Ultimately, the question that lurks in these images is that of the possibility of reaching the sublime, the spiritual through the medium that appears wholly antithetical to it – body’s inner organs. True, the organs are not “raw meat” – which borders on the horror of the formless – for they retain well-defined forms and texture. And it is precisely their form and texture – mysterious, yet troublingly familiar – that turns them into visual medium of something utterly different from their materiality. They become an “alien body”, the body that offers another route to the beautifu,l that manages to escape the bodily materiality while remaining wholly embedded in it.”

Jerzy Michalowicz, Jerusalem, August 2008; full text here

More of Sheffy’s work here

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