© Linda Alterwitz, Untitled, from the series Discarded Dreams

© Linda Alterwitz, Untitled, from the series Discarded Dreams

“The photographs from the series Beneath the Surface represent the dichotomy of life and death by visually confronting both scientific and ethereal realities. The blending of medical and landscape imageries takes on a comforting sense of familiarity while simultaneously creating tension.
Medical imagery viewed on its own merely represents information required to see what cannot be seen on the surface. It reveals truths about the insides of our bodies. Yet more than information, to many, these images can bring about fears of the unknown. Am I sick? Can I be cured? What will be my fate? In contrast, photographic images of landscape or contemporary culture provide a different type of information: that which is familiar and exposed at the surface. While these images may conjure various feelings depending on the individual’s personal experiences, they are identifiable.
By layering the images of beautiful landscapes and recognizable images with the medical images of uncertain fate, a dichotomy emerges. Our world is not black and white, but somewhere in the middle. Between the mystical, beautiful, highly saturated landscapes and the confrontation of one’s mortality are the blurred lines that affirm one’s life.”

More of Linda’s work here

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