© Jessica Sumerling, Living room, from the series Grow Heathrow, 2010

© Jessica Sumerling, Keith’s winter shower, from the series Grow Heathrow, 2010

© Jessica Sumerling, Tilly and Aimee, from the series Grow Heathrow, 2010

As modern society has been burdened with social, political and environmental challenges, people have become disenchanted with our current way of living. Consequently, a movement of radical communities breaking step with the status quo has come about. The primary aims of these groups are; to be sustainable, resilient and follow a way of life that has a minimal impact on the environment.”
The community of Grow Heathrow follows these principles with a desire to live in a way that is sensitive towards nature and each other. The project was founded as a direct action protest against the threat of a third runway being built at Heathrow Airport. Had BAA succeeded in their bid, Sipson and other surrounding villages would have been completely demolished. This would have destroyed homes, schools, churches and cemeteries, devastating the local community.
Since taking the land on 1st March 2010, activists and local residents have set about reviving the blighted community. At the same time they have returned the site to its historic function as a communal market garden. This act of reclaiming what was once common land has allowed a new relationship to flourish between the people and their surrounding natural environment.

Excerpt from Jessica’s text about “Grow Heathrow” here

More of Jessica’s work here

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