© Nikita Pirogov, Sofa, from the project The Other Shore

© Nikita Pirogov, Hands, from the project The Other Shore

© Nikita Pirogov, Semeon, from the project The Other Shore

The Other Shore is a media project that is in progress and which I have been working on for three years. It consists of photography, video based on the idea of slow-motion, performance, with its accompanying soundtrack, and work with space and objects. Ideally this would be a round exhibition space with several entrances (or one in the floor, as in a lighthouse), around 100 photographs hung in a particular order but without a concrete ‘beginning’ or ‘end’ to the exhibit. Each photograph is self-contained and expresses its own meaning, but in combination with the other images creates further ideas, as letters make up words. The photographs will be laid out as a mosaic and together with the video will express a hidden wave formation. The video sets the tempo and brings the whole piece to life, bringing time into the equation. The sound recording (the whistling sound that is created when cold and warm streams of air meet between doors) adds further effect that functions non-verbally and emphasises the sensation of the Other. The objects — everyday items — also carry meaning in the idea of materialism and our unavoidable involvement with time (and the time in which the exhibition is taking place). The performance will be executed by a girl dressed in a white dress, who will walk around the visitors and interacting with the exhibited objects.

Nikita’s work can be seen here

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