I published one of Alex’s photographs from a work in collaboration with Lindsay Page more than a year ago but I ran into his work again and though his process is worth a little more attention than the one given before, so here’s Alex comeback.

© Alex Kisilevich, Salesman, 2009

© Alex Kisilevich, Stick-Figure, 2011

“Describe your process of creating a piece. What materials do you normally work in?

I used to have this rigid process where I had an exact idea of what I wanted for my image and its particular meaning. I would draw a terrible drawing and try to meticulously recreate it as a photo. This method worked for a while but I’m quite content that I grew out of it. I’ve learned to trust myself a bit. I try to go with the flow to allow for unplanned things to unfold – not to say that everything is completely improvised. I’ll come in with some sort of idea that could include a location or object or something that connotes a certain feeling or idea and then I take it from there. I just don’t try to plan out every detail. This allows me to be more in tune with my surroundings and has generally produced better results. For materials: a camera, a lens, film, a film scanner, computer, Kodak photo paper. Also, anything from second hand stores is fair game.”

excerpt from Artist profile by Sara Titanic for “Now Magazine”, 2010

More of Alex’s work can be seen here

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