© Fan Chon Hoo, Article # 7, Gravy Pot, from the series The blue and white collection, 2010

© Fan Chon Hoo, Article # 10, Bath, from the series The blue and white collection, 2010

“This work responds to the Willow Pattern invented by English craftsmen in the late eighteenth century. I am interested in how a foreign culture can be appropriated and translated into a form of exotic collectibles, subconsciously tucked into the local culture. In relation to this, I chose to create a set of paper earthenware printed with cyanotype and embellished with imaginary landscapes made up by oriental architectural structures found within the UK. This process challenges cyanotype’s association with blueprint by positing the question of origin and the sense of fluidity of culture.”

More of Fan’s work can be seen here

Short-listed for Fresh Faced & Wild Eyed

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