© Anne Leighton Massoni, Summer’s calling wishful pennies, from the series Holding Nancy

© Anne Leighton Massoni, Woman wind woodard warehouse, from the series Holding Hila

© Anne Leighton Massoni, My prom sunday promenade, from the series Holding Leighton

“I’m interested in combining photographs i’ve made of empty spaces (spaces once inhabited or currently inhabited, but with no one present) with found photographs of times that no longer exist (images that are empty of personal memory) and then inking a thin line (in this case white) to draw a literal point of connection from one image to the next. the titles are constructed by using two identifying words for each image used in the diptychs. the spaces in my photographs are identified by their non-present owner or descriptively; the appropriated images are titled by that which seems most relevant to me about their denotative content – in a few this may include information from the back of the image. appropriated images are stripped of their tone and cropped but nothing else is disturbed in the image (scratches, imperfections, contrast etc), where as my “space” images are adjusted in the same way i would in the darkroom.”

More of Anne’s work here

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