It’s a first in 5 years of blogging: these photographs were removed because the author asked me to, due to a copyrights situation. I completely disagree with this but I respect the author’s will. You can still see the photos

a l l     o v e r     t h e      i n t e r n e t!

© Ugnius Gelguda, Solvita and Ieva, from the series Living Together, 2004

© Ugnius Gelguda, Edijs and Madarafrom, the series Living Together, 2004

“The series of these photos tends to question the conception of a contemporary family, the integration of nontraditional families into society, the attitudes and the habits of judgement in society itself. Photographies are being supplemented with textual comments by families which took part in the project. The project has been held in Lithuania and Latvia in 2004 and lots of families were involved. The Lithuanian families with nontraditional sexual orientation refused to take part in the project because of the rough manifestations of homophobia and intolerance to the ‘different’ in our country.”

Ugnius’ work here and here

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