© Myoung Ho Lee, Tree #3, from the series Tree, 2006

© Myoung Ho Lee, Tree #2, from the series Tree, 2006

“South Korean photographer Myoung Ho Lee does something rather simple — and rather similar to the working process of the late legend Richard Avedon: He separates his subjects from their environments by way of a simple yet formal backdrop. Difference here, of course, is that Lee’s subjects are full-blown, fullgrown trees, and his 60-by-45-foot canvases form merely part of the photographs rather than filling up the frames. (The backdrops are erected with cranes, ropes, and bars by a production crew—Lee edits out the extraneous supports with digital retouching, creating a floating canvas at the center of each image.) The result is a rather surprising redefinition of the nature of a portrait, the nature of a landscape, and the nature of, well, nature itself.”

source: Yossi Milo press release

More of Myoung’s work here

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