© Lucas Blalock, Portrait Study (Nina), 2009

© Lucas Blalock, W.M.t.M.M.B.M, 2010

“I feel that in my own practice I use various strategies to alienate the viewer from the picture but the pictures figure as stand-ins for the world at large.(…) I don’t feel my work is particularly concerned w/ content except in terms of the kind of flexibility you have mentioned. When I say my pictures are “stand ins” I mean that I am interested in the photograph’s power to direct and focus attention. I feel that any strategy/category, whether documentary, studio, appropriated, abstract, snapshot or whatever greatly defines the viewers interaction, and can act as a real impediment to a picture opening onto the world in a resonant way. My work over the last few years has involved borrowing elements from these traditions, as well as developing these more gestural methods, and yet trying to undermine these ready made systems of meaning.”

source: Humble

More of Lucas’ work here



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