I’ve been feeling the need to leave a personal note on this bog, especially regarding those who are used to visit. As you may or may not know this space is going into its 4th year and I’ve tried to keep consistency in the kind of content “promoted” here, which ends up being fairly easy (although time-consuming) and intuitive since it is a reflection of my daily/weekly research supporting my creative practice.

For the past months (and it seems to be getting worst!) I’ve been more and more involved in thinking about current issues, namely the manifestations and revolts happening all around, including and mainly in my home country – Portugal -, to where I’ve returned. The creative practice has suffered with it and so has every other dimension of my former personal life.

I’ve though about changing the character of this blog, but to put a face to these issues, on a daily basis, one has to look at photojournalists’ work and, as you could expect, neither do I have any kind of appreciation for it nor is this the place. I tend to wait for documentary works.

Anyway, I just felt the need to justify my absence and maybe prepare you on the other side for the possibility of a very drastic change in these landscapes. Yes, it may be that what I’m really doing is thinking out loud in order to get in the mood for it.

To those who can afford the trouble to read this, I’m sorry for any inconvenience!

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