© ?

© Paul Plews

© Marieta Tsenova

I realize this dates back to 2007 but I just recently cross paths with it, mainly while looking for more information on Zoe (last post’s photographer).
This image reports back to Jerwood Photography Awards, 2007 and the time Paul Plew’s was rulled out of the contest, given that he had not stated that these images were the result of a collaboration between him and stylist (art director, photographer, design artist?) Marieta Tsenova.

What a mess! And how unnecessary that such collaboration ends up like this!

A photographer may or may not be just a technician. In this case, it’s clear to me that was Paul’s role, although it seems he hasn’t accept it nor was he comfortable with it.
Without the styling there would be no photograph, but neither without the model and let’s face it, Marieta’s picture (at least the one she has in her website) it’s pretty flat.
What I don’t understand is this third picture, found in a press release about the Jerwood awards case, in British Journal of Photography. Is it a Photoshop version???? Common, claim some ethics on your own work, whoever let this came to this point.

Paul’s place here and Marieta’s here

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