© Elizabeth Ingraham, Resilience, from the series Skins

“My subject is skin: flexible and emotive, superficial but essential, protective but vulnerable. A boundary. A border. A membrane. An organ. A commodity. A pelt.
In this on-going series of work, I am exploring how expectation, desire and convention—our own and others—form casings which shape our deepest selves and which become so familiar they seem like our own skin.
My skins are physical, emotional, cultural. Their fabric is a social structure as well as a textile, and their fabrication requires translation and invention as well as construction.
My skins are garments—not clothing for the body, but clothing as the body. They costume and camouflage the self, conceal and reveal identity, contain and control sexuality, embody states of longing and desire. They can be put on, worn, taken off, discarded. Like biological skins, these skins are permeable. They can be unzipped, unbuttoned, rattled or read, and I invite the viewer’s explorations.”

Elizabeth Ingraham

“. . . for me, SKINS is really about colonization. Colonization of our bodies, no matter what race, class or gender, whether we be women, men or children. . . . [R]ecurring [is the] motif of transformation; of finding a way to convert or reconstruct a self image that transcends traditional ideology; a way to shed our ‘skins.’
“The person in the poetry metamorphoses away from boundaries of image, finding a way out of her skin, whether it be through love, lust, environment, solitude or art.
Through our own self-searching, we have found that SKINS is finally about power. It is about finding a real power within ourselves, our lives past and future, and within the flesh of our own bodies.”

Kathryn Moller

Elizabeth’s work here

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