© Christin Boggs, Untitled, from the series Cheap Fix

© Christin Boggs, Untitled, from the series Cheap Fix

“With mass acceptance of America’s fast-food mentality, older traditions and rituals of preparing and sharing food are rapidly disappearing. Food and tableware have undergone a chemical makeover, resulting in supermarket shelves stocked with items that imitate flavors and textures grown in nature. In contrast, seventeenth century traditional still life paintings portray natural foods and tableware made from authentic glass, cloth, and silver. Contemporary modes of preparation are exposed when supermarket products are recast into the formal setting and lighting portrayed by the Old Masters.”

Christin’s statement

More of her work here

One thought on “┐ Christin Boggs └

  1. Fascinante !

    Obrigada sobretudo pela partilha , pela descoberta , pelo entusiasmo de tantas abordagens fotográficas , que vou fazendo através do teu blog .

    já agora parabéns pelo teu trabalho e exposições , Sofia ! Desejo-te um grande ano e qualquer dia partilho contigo a minha página de fotos no flickr ;) .

    kisses ,


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