Theo Angelopoulos departs, today, at 76, ironically run over by an off duty cop while working on set for his next film.

It’s a sad moment for true cinema lovers but for the Greeks as well. Neither the kind of martyr they need today, nor the kind of sorrow or brief grieving mass hysteria in the media.
“Etermity and a Day” and “Ulysses’ Gaze” are masterpieces of which I am now reminded by this unfortunate happening. I shall see them again in the next few days and think of a no man’s land.

Wishing him all eternity and a day

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  1. weirdly enough I found out about it from your blog this morning as I opened my emails and i m subscribed to the list. i did wondered for a second why put a post for Theo Angelopulos now -perhaps sth about his new movie?. Well, I just wanted to say that it was the nicest and way to learn about this really sad news.thank you.

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