© Heidi Kirkpatrick,Mother, 2001

© Heidi Kirkpatrick,Mahjong tiles, 2011

“Portland based photographerHeidi Kirkpatrick uses photographs to transform found objects into playful pieces of art. Her images reveal a view of the world experienced by women and she prints them on film positives which she mounts within or on found objectssuch as vintage tins, blocks, boxes, copper plates, dominos and children’s toys. These wonderfully unique pieces can be handled, arranged and adorned on a table rather than hanging on a wall, allowing each object to possess its own unique interactive charm.


Kirkpatrick has struggled with a fair amount of physical pain in her life and feels that by dissecting Gray’s Anatomy and using it in this latest project it has helped her to work through her anguish. When creating the image, she prints the photograph on a film positive in the darkroom, develops it in trays, selects a page from Gray’s Anatomy then works on the pairing until she finds a combination that visually stimulates her.”

excerpt from text by Susan Burnstine

More of Heidi’s work here

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