© Lesley Dill, Face Pull, 2000

© Lesley Dill, Tongues on Fire, 2001

As a young teen, Dill had a vision, one that she had kept hid den until this project, “I grew up in Maine and had a bedroom window that looked out onto some woods. One morning when I was fourteen and was getting dressed for school, I sat on the bed and looked out the window at the dark leaves against the sky. Somehow, my whole visual screen was suddenly filled with a sort of weblike spiral of images that appeared black on white or white on black. At that moment, I was given to understand the world. I understood pestilence, sorrow, and the hugeness of everything. I understood that there was a pattern threaded through all things – and that it was all right. This was accompanied by a feeling of bliss, which I had never experienced before.”

Excerpt from text by curator David J. Brown. Continue reading the essay here

Lesley’s work can be seen here

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