Now and again I wonder what has happen to Jason Molina, my favourite singer/songwriter, since for the past few years no records have been released. As I was looking for some classic black & white portraits of musicians I came across a statement from Magnolia Electric Co. that reads “Over the last two years Jason has been in and out of rehab” and “is currently working on a farm in West Virginia raising goats and chickens for the next year or so”. The press release also asks for support (monetary and other). Besides the fact that I hope he has the willing to create again, I wonder why there are no photographers out there doing him justice. Given the fact that I can’t do anything about that, I take the opportunity to post a video of one of my favourites “It’s hard to love a man”, from the album “What comes after the blues” and hopefully do some sort of justice by bringing his work to someone new. 

4 replies on “┐ Jason Molina └

    1. Agree, maybe he is now realizing the quality of love waiting for him. By the way, you also got a new listener. For the looks of it, I’ll be tuning in to your show from now on.

      Thanks for that.

      There’s a good radio show in Portugal I would recommend Have a look

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