@ Jakob Hunosøe, Thermos placed on lamp , from the series Out of Order, 2012

framed, 46,5 x 46,5 cm, Archival Fiber Print, edition of 5

@ Jakob Hunosøe, Tin pot and ceramic pot touching electric kettle on plate , from the series On Things Ordinary, 2010

framed, 46,5 x 46,5 cm, Archival Fiber Print, edition of 5

Rather than objectively exposing the surroundings, Hunosøe uses the photograph as a means of rewriting reality. With simple artifices such as reflections, additions and unexpected combinations, he adds a poetic, surreal dimension to his motifs. The photograph becomes an instrument enabling us to look at the world with different eyes and to uncover new meanings in our immediate surroundings.

Each photograph is based on a clear idea explained in prosaic titles such as “2 x 2 meters of garage objects” or “Mirrored glass of water, coins and used napkin on table.” The intention of the stagings is neither to seduce nor to convince the viewers, seeing that the titles expose the often simple artifices on which each picture is based. Hunosøe’s pictures can be seen as one long series of attempts. The “pseudoscientific”
attempts are not meant to lead to a certain result; rather, they are created in their own

excerpt from text by Marie Laurberg; continue reading here

His work here

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