or how I would call it: Turned by love: the ignorance and fragility of a national socialist mind.

I can´t recall whose phrase this is but it goes something like this: Ignorance can be overcome by reading and racism is overcome by traveling. I agree, it can be as simple as that.

@ Julian Röder, Nick W. Greger with his girlfriend Auntie, Gambia, December 2011

@ Julian Röder, Nick W. Greger’s dog, Nick’s girlfriend Auntie named him “Hitler”

Nick Greger has a Nazi Storm Trooper and the map of the German Empire tattooed on his forearm.

Since he was 12, he has been frequenting right-wing circles. With his buddies, Greger attacks foreigners and leftist flat shares. In the Dresden tram, he tears off a black man’s ear. Twice he sits in jail for aggravated assault.
Shortly before his third arrest, he escapes to Africa. The love for a black Namibian moves him to reconsider. He decides to exit. In 2005 he returnes to Germany and turns himself in. Today he lives with his girlfriend in Gambia, being the only white person in a large settlement in The Gambia.

The rest of the work here

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