@ Neeta Madahar, Sustenance #95, 2003

@ Neeta Madahar, Sustenance #97, 2003

“Neeta Madahar’s subjects in Sustenance are quite ordinary—ordinary birds like finches, cardinals and blue jays. Her setting, too, is ordinary—her Boston backyard. But what makes this British artist’s work extraordinary is the sense of wonder and magic she
creates despite these unexceptional circumstances. It was this push-pull of opposing forces—the ordinary and the extraordinary, the quotidian and the fantastic—that drew me into this stunning collection of fourteen photographs.
Birds are the perfect symbol for duality. They simultaneously belong to two worlds: Air and Land (and sometimes Water). In mythology, they are at times harbingers of evil and death—woodpecker tapping on a house brings bad news, peacock feathers prevent babies from being born—and at other times, they are signs of good luck and renewal—a wren building a nest near your house brings good luck, birds’ arrival marks the beginning of Spring.
Birds are a brilliant metaphor for our new world, a new way to define home: birds fly and migrate yet they also nest and are from a certain region. Neeta Madahar’s Sustenance embodies a world that is located neither here nor there, but one that exists in a hyphenated space—one that allows for multiplicities, one in which we can perhaps all feel at home. I know I did.”

excerpt from the article Hyphen-Nation: The Search for Home in Neeta Madahar’s Sustenance, by Anar Ali. Continue reading here

More of Neeta’s work here 

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