@ Andrea Palasti, camera obscura made of gourd

@ Andrea Palasti, camera obscura made of watermelon

@ Andrea Palasti, Mix media, installation: camera obscura made by gourd, melon, watermelon and Nescafe cans, photographs made by camera obscuras printed on cookies, artificial grass, blanket, pillows, basket and a cat.

“Exploring the relationship between nature and culture in the context of photographic creativity, using ’culinary texts’ in art, transforms photographic laboratory into a kitchen, into a place of creative and social production. Begeč photo picnic is a culinary event/installation, which presents the idea of using edible and organic materials that can be found in the rural surrounding of the village Begeč, as well as using the remains of the current consumerist system to produce photographic art. Camera obscuras made from watermelon and gourd, Nescafe cans, and exposed photographs made by these cameras to edible surfaces, are arranged as idyllic breakfast on the grass that calls the viewer to join the picnic. Begeč photo picnic, in fact, transforms the institution of the museum into a place of photographic consumption. Using food as a cultural product, leads to the transformation of the act of cooking to an act of cultural processes (Levi-Strauss). Because, through the cook (the artist) as a cultural agent, natural/raw food becomes cooked food that goes through a process of socialization – from raw to cooked to rotten – from nature to art and to history – and in this case, to the deconstruction of the idyllic picnic on the grass.”

More of Andrea’s work here

Photographs of the process can be seen here

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