© Jane Hammond, Self-Portrait with Twin, 2011

© Jane Hammond, Face Facts, 2006

© Jane Hammond, The Touch-Up, 2009

© Jane Hammond, Chai Wan Three, 2008 all selenium toned silver gelatin prints

“The photographs grew out of the scrapbooks, also. I began collecting photos to put in them, and quickly became obsessed with all the different depictions of the same thing. Soon, I had hundreds of snowmen pictures. I began collecting many more snapshots, other peoples pictures, and soon borrowed lots of my family’s own pictures. I began to think about them and in my mind’s eye I saw pictures, photographs with the appearance of photographs, that I didn’t actually possess. As you might have a dream which combines several otherwise incompatible aspects of your waking life, I saw photographs that were combinatorial and wove together things from different times and spaces.

I set out to make these photographs which were in my head. I sought the advice of many technical experts and created a way to make silver gelatin prints “actual photographs” of something that never happened.” Jane’s statement, 2007

More of Jane’s amazing body of work here

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