photo caption (above) © Tinkebell, Saving a Broiler, installation

© Tinkebell, Brutus with Idiot, photo printed as a poster, made in collaboration with Mirjam Muller, with special thanks to the idiots

© Tinkebell, Her name is Sarah, performance

(the animal is used as a commodity article: as part of an individuals carefully build image and ego, rather then being acknowledged as a being with own needs and characteristics.)

(Saving the broiler was part of an installation in which the animal of just a few weeks old got the most perfect habitat the artist could think of.)

© The Idiots, DON’T WORRY WE’LL STRAIGHTEN HIM OUT!,2009 – taxidermy skunk, ironing board, textile, wood, felt. An interview about their work here

© William Hundley, Chihuahua on Cheeseburgers

© Jouko Lehtola, from the series Dogs (left) + © design by The Just Us Collective (right)

*may it be clear that the title of this post refers not to these artists’ provocative work but to their haters. it’s very easy to stay with what’s in front of you, much more difficult to actually stop bitching, stop being an hypocrite and actually think about what you do, what you eat, what you wear. If I were to be wrong about this judgement, all their haters would be morally irreproachable, which would mean our world should be a better place, – with all these animal lovers and environmental activists – when in fact most of them just sit and send hate mail, they wouldn’t get up and go save a pet about to die. Tinkebell already did the test.

4 replies on “┐ when a cause turns into thoughtless hypocrisy* └

  1. Excuse me…..beach?!! Oh, you must have meant “bitch”!! Well, I do believe we are showing a bit of smug, self-righteousness now, aren’t we?!! You call these individuals “artists” and claim what they do is “art”? We, those who own, live with and truly care for animals, call this exploitation of the worst sort. Nothing artistic or tasteful here……you should get a real job because you’re no “art” critic, that’s for sure!!!

    1. Sure, I must have meant “bitch”, you’re right about that. You’re also right about me not being an art critic, I am not and I don’t know where you got that idea from, since I never pretended to be one. It’s clear here who I am.
      And I am also part of that “we” you mention as being animal lovers. If you must know I am a vegetarian for 10 years now and have rescued and cared for a lot of animals. am also not a fundamentalist so I care to make judgements only after dedicating some time to understand things without a stigma.
      Thanks for the comment, anyway, although that sort of “hate” mail is not welcome here, unless you want to discuss things with an open mind.

      1. An open mind would suggest that I discuss without prejudice (what you call stigma) even after you yourself have referred to those of us who disagree with this practice as “the idiots” and/or “fundamentalists”. I would argue that your mind is indeed very narrow and sadly, just as perverse as the “artists” who you seem to champion. Hypocrisy and sycophancy are not mutually exclusive here.

  2. Well, I will not continue with this kind of conversation. You’re judging me, on a very personal note, without questioning my thoughts or beliefs; on the other hand I’m judging “you” (here it stands for the people who oppose very furiously to what these people do) based on hundreds of comments I’ve read over the internet before making this post. I think their work actually brings attention to important issues, thought it may hurt some sensibilities, they make good points which are thought provoking and bring attention to animal rights and futile/ sterile ways in which humankind treats them.
    I’m sure your thoughts will be shared my most so you have no reasons to keep angry at me. Fortunately I am free to make my own judgements, despite popular opinions.
    Best regards,

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