photo caption (above) Gurudev: On The Plateau Of The Peak – The Life of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar; Westland Publications Pvt. Ltd.; January 2018,Gurudev in North
America in the early 1990s.

“If one hears this music without any intoxication, or any sort of drugs, one does get the feeling of being intoxicated. That’s the beauty of our music. It builds up to that pitch. We don’t believe in the extra, or the other stimulus taken, and that’s what I’m trying my best to make the young people, without hurting them, of course, to understand.”

Shankar refused the label of anti-drug preacher or social reformer. “I have nothing to say. No, it’s the people’s business if they want to drink, or smoke or take drugs. All I request is that these people just give me a couple of hours of sobriety or sober mind. That’s all I request of them. Whatever they do before or after is not my business.”

via The Guardian

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