Today, 2nd March 2013, all over Portugal, demonstrations against this government and the austerity measures  will hit the streets. I’ll join, of course. Wouldn’t be able not to. That said, I will not be laughing and singing along to songs that symbolize the country’s last revolution (April 25th 1974). I avoid all these nostalgic and pseudo revolutionary feelings. I don’t support pacifism as a slogan, nor the idea that democracy is about voting. If we really want to fight we need to upgrade strategies and bring theses demonstrations to the current tense, with what is at hand today. We’ll hit the streets and though I have no clue how it’s going to work out today, regarding authoritarian strategies, violence and the amount of people in the streets, I am sure today’s photographs will be seen all over the world. “I don’t have high hopes, I only hope for anarchy”.

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