susan-boafo-organs-of-extreme-pe-133775© Susan Boafo, Organs of Extreme Perfection, 2011

susan-boafo-endless-forms-most-b-133750© Susan Boafo, Endless Forms Most Beautiful, 2009

“Photosynthesis by microscopic organisms produces the majority of the life supporting oxygen that is required by all living things. In return, our reciprocal relationship provides them with carbon dioxide.

The photograph is created by millions of these organisms as they carryout photosynthesis. When photographic negatives are placed in front of the organisms, they move towards the varying degrees of light and form eerie, temporary images. They seek out the light they need for photosynthesis and leave behind a haunting trace of this life-giving process.”

8392383924© Susan Boafo, Speaking with the Sun, 2008

“Video still; green algae drawn towards sunlight during photosynthesis. Letters and symbols were created by thousands of microscopic, single celled algae as they moved towards light. Each letter took around fifteen minutes to form. The algae ‘spell out’ the scientific formula for photosynthesis; the process through which they provide most of the Earth”s oxygen.”

More of Susan’s work can be seen here

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