tumblr_mfctj4im8J1qawuaao1_500© Caleb Charland, Fibonacci’s Pendulum, 2011

tumblr_mcset3P4AV1qz7ymyo1_r1_1280© Caleb Charland, Orange Battery, 2012

“Recently one Sunday I spent the day at the kitchen table playing with oranges, copper wires and galvanized nails. My hope was that I could make this on going project work with a single piece of fruit. I tried cutting it into slices and wedges but that ever present voice in my head reminded me the SIMPLER IS BETTER. It only seemed logical to use the orange’s natural wedges as the cells for the battery. The wedges are held up-right with an armature of small wooden skewers. The LED is nestled with in the bounds of the orange wedges. I’m still amazed this worked…though it did require 14 hours of exposure.”

333© Caleb Charland, Sparkler Through Crystal Ball, 2007

111© Caleb Charland, Blue Chalk Snap Line, 2012

222© Caleb Charland, Table with Mylar and Flashlight, 2009

444© Caleb Charland, Apple Trees and LEDs, 2011

I began installing the work at 9 in the morning. I had no frame of reference for how long the process would actually take. I didn’t want to start too early fearing I would get done too soon and potentially wear out the “batteries” before I could start my photographic exposure, thus wasting a lot of time and fruit. I worked all day and took no break, I was still wiring the orchard after sunset. I finished install at 8 pm then began my 4 hour exposure on photographic film. The final image was created using a large format camera that uses color film measuring 4×5 inches.making of video here

More of Caleb’s work here

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