pmThis image is from yesterday’s official communication by the Portuguese PM about new austerity measures. It shows a reporter wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt. I know it is symbolic but I like to imagine it could be a code, a message given to rise a sort of underground army. Yes, I know, sci-fi, maybe I’ve seen “The Fight Club” too many times, but we need to believe we can take this government down, or else we’ll go mental. In the climax of our national anthem it reads “às armas”, aux armes!!! It doesn’t get more symbolic than this.
The video starts at the moment when the editor chooses to change angle to show the reporter. Thank you both!

4 replies on “┐ Can a symbolic image become a code? └

  1. Às Armas meus Irmaos!!! Isto tudo é uma bandalheira que para aqui anda! Cortam em tudo e todos menos nas P**** das regallias dos ministerios publicos… POLITICOS FILHOS DA PUTA CHUPISTAS SANGUE SUGAS

  2. It doesn’t matter if you take this government down. Why? Because there’s a political class. There are mouths these guys need to feed before they feed yours. You take this coelho guy off the stage, and another one comes on (and I bet he comes from a youth party), and he does the exact same thing. People who run things do it backstage. In order to restore the ideological chain of commands you’d probably have to perform a coup and begin a militar dictatorship, you know, because people who run things are the people who run the money (or most of it) and since you have no money, you need to achieve this by a higher form of power: brute force.

    1. Dear Idaho, I am well aware of the fact that taking this government down wouldn’t solve anything. I don’t support this kind of democracy and I think that the praising of pacifism only serves authoritarian regimes. Anyway, I don’t think I’ll be alive to see any radical changes. For now, a military dictatorship is the last thing I which for. Best,S

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