esqueletonanaglifoEngland, William, Skeleton leaves, London, 1862

1368634029_596114_1369239532_album_normalMother and daughter, daguerrotipo, c.1860, unanimous

1368634029_596114_1369239019_album_normalJean Laurent, Córdoba, street scene (1870)

1368634029_596114_1369239048_album_normalJoaquín Oses, Suitcase with guitar, 1880

1368634029_596114_1369402923_album_normalVictorian album
1368634029_596114_1369402616_album_normalKusakabe Kimbei, japanese couple, Yokohama 1890. Albúmina coloreada. CFR

“Fernández Rivero (Málaga, 1956), former economist, has been acquiring photographs for a quarter of a century. He first started with those depicting his city, Malaga – today these are one of four parts of the collection -, then expanded his attention to Andalucia and the rest of Spain. His “specialty”, he says, is the XIX century (with the arrival of the revolutionary way to fix reality). “Then the photographs were commercial and documentary, different from what came later at the end of the XIX century, when photographers started to create art” (…)

Fernández is also “an investigator” that from his place on the web – with some 10.000 works already digitized – and his blog, spreads the work of pioneers (…) “I am always acquiring new works, always originals, I don’t miss being a millionaire, this is not like painting”.

excerpt (translation) of yesterday’s article about Fernández Rivero’s collection in El Pais
His blog here

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