original_single5This work was suggested to me by Rotem Rozental, the working bee at the SIP blog :) The following is a re-post of Ksenia Burnasheva’s project Singles.
theevening2011UfaRussia2011© Ksenia Burnasheva, from the project Singles, 2009 – ongoing

“I was born in an industrial city in the middle of the European part of Russia called Ufa where I was raised and spent most of my teenage years before moving to England six years ago. I moved from Ufa to Cambridge, where I studied foundation level art at the Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Art after which I then moved to London and began my bachelor’s degree in photography at the Camberwell College of Arts. In 2011, when I had graduated from Camberwell, I began working towards my masters in fine art photography at Central Saint Martins. At the moment I am finishing up my masters and looking towards defining my career in fine art photography.”

Bleach2010the-fish2012© Ksenia Burnasheva, from the project SinglesI, 2009 – ongoing

“The main focus of my work tends to investigate into the relationship between space and objects within that space. What I am interested in is the juxtaposition of objects in relation to each other and the space as a whole. In my on-going series Singles I depict mundane, everyday scenes of life that, upon first glance, seem familiar, but when photographed they become very still, which encourages the viewer to stop and look closer.

It is this clear absence within the image that enthralls the viewer and draws them deeper into the image. It does so in such a monumental way that it causes one to touch upon the mysterious atmosphere, leading the viewer to question the feeling of there being something else present. Scenes within Singles are an untouched documentation of reality that yet evokes the feeling of it almost being staged, the subtle tones seen in the photographs adds to that created illusion.

Working in between two countries (Russia and England) has provided two contrasting backgrounds for these images. However, each image still manages to tell its own story and remain one of a kind; they are scenes from everywhere and nowhere. Each photograph separates the scenes from their original context and creates a new perspective for them to be perceived, all the while maintaining an air of silence.”

More of Ksenia‘s work can be seen here

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