At the moment (11th June 2013; 1pm) in Istanbul, the police is trying to clear out Taksim square with water canons and tear gas. Protesters are putting up a fight, setting up more and more barricades and lightning some points on fire. “30 lawyers protesting against handling of Gezi protests detained in front of courtroom in Istanbul” One of the lawyers tweeted (Ismail Demirci): “We’re kept under custody in a lawless way right now. Nothing written, no order, no written proceedings, not even water until our friends arrived.”

Police tried to enter the park but had to withdraw. It seems as if it’s going to be a day of strategic moves, back and forth. Erdoğan keeps telling protesters to leave the streets, or else…
Live streams from Tim Pool @ Vice (he has been live for 7 hours), RT and Reuters can keep you up to date.

Both because of the reality of the events as well as due to their symbolic significance at this moment in history, there is nothing more important today than what is happening in Turkey. It’s giving us insight into what comes next regarding urban movements and direct action. Francis McKee, writer, curator and photography passionate, director of the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow went to see for himself. Here are some of his photographs:

9014886124_fcd9bbbcd5_z9011404292_188cf4119a_z 8996239768_a73cf84141_z9009482945_ba93e0cce5_c9014793866_62ebb818d6_c9014901704_8a93184f4b_c8994961299_ffab656b39_call photographs © Francis McKee, Istanbul, Turkey, June 2013

Francis is updating his Flickr today so you can see more of his photographers later on

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