Anne_Collier_2009_Cut© Anne Collier, Cut, 2009

I am not sure if I ever explained how the word Nihilsentimentalgia came about and what it means, so I’ll go on and state the obvious, that it was created for this purpose (although it is now part of a glaswegian dictionary) and is a mix of three words – Nihil + Nostalgia + Sentimento -, for it means to deny any king of nostalgia for any sort of feeling, therefore, to be in the present. To what concerns this blog, it was an indicative that I was going to look at what is happening in photography today and what influences contemporary artists working with photography, without the pressure to pay homage to the masters or feel any sort of nostalgia for traditions left behind.

After 5 years of doing this on my own, Nihilsentimentalgia is about to enter a new phase as I’m bringing in new people to write about photography (ehrrr, mainly). I’m sure they’ll bring new perspectives, new ideas and probably new hearts and souls. I’m afraid Nihilsentimentalgia is in jeopardy, maybe this space is about to have a heart :)

The first post by one of the new Guest bloggers can be expected to happen in the next couple of days.

2003-2006_wackelkontakt_1© Jürgen Klauke, from Wackelkontakt, 2004/2006

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