Each time I see a poster like that,
I think it’s absurd
to constantly see naked women.
It feels like I’m on the poster.
Each time a woman is undressed
to sell a product…
– It’s me they undress.
– Me they display.
– Me they despise.
– Me they desire.
– Me they criticize.
– Me they buy.
– Me they order by phone.
– Me they pay for by check or cash.
Me they offer
as fodder for men’s desire.

– Go on, keep complaining!
Soon we’ll no longer desire you.
How sorry you’ll be!

– I have enough love in me
to be desirable.
I don’t have to be an object.

At the risk of displeasing you
and cutting ties,
dear fathers, husbands, lovers,
bosses and buddies,
we women are taking charge
of our evolution.
And if you still need
women and love,
you will have to change
your habits and some of your tastes.
I am a woman.
Women must be reinvented.

– Then, love must be reinvented.
– We agree.

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