DK_2646.tif© Daewoong Kim, Untitled, from the series Beyond sustenance.

iadtdunlba_image_large_15_18_04_28-04-14© Anna Janiszewska, Untitled, from the series Fragments.

univboltba_image_large_14_55_18_04-05-14© Radoslav Daskalov, Untitled, from the series Systematic Desensitisation.

d23637_ce94e5bf4e9f4dc6bae314e6968761e9.jpg_srz_p_980_653_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz© Sam Wood, Untitled, from the series Realty Vistas, 2013.

rochpracba_image_large_06_40_46_05-05-14© Giola Cassar, Untitled, from the series This isn’t everything you are.

image2© Jack Carvosso, from the series Sorry I was miles away, 2014.

the-second© Jonathan Graham, Untitled, from the series Mending Camellia.

7752924_orig© Pete, Cushion Cover, from the series Paralysis, 2014.

mural_RESIZE_BART-RETOUCHRESIZED-FOR-NEW-BOARDcargo© Agatha Weiss, Untitled, from the series Story Light. 43x28cm,
Fiber-Base Gelatin Silver Print.

univbrigba_image_large_08_24_41_05-05-14© Reinis Lismanis, Untitled, from the series Sharp Edges.

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